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Passion for Tea

The 4 Senses of Tea

Tea, is an experience. Being the second most consumed beverage in the world and in so many shapes and forms, we often forget that appreciating a good cup of tea is almost like and art form.

Appreciating Single Origin Teas

Similar to the concept used with wine, teas which come from a particular location are often sought after for their delicate taste profile and unblended nature. 

Green Tea And Longevity

Green Tea is regarded as one of the healthiest beverages in the world.

Tea Terminologies To Know

1. Round:Good combination of colour, strength and briskness.   2. Coppery:A desirable infusion which resembles copper (in terms of colour.)   3. Clean:To describe leaf …

Growing Distinctive BOH Teas

BOH Teas have a distinctive flavour. Our teas can be drank plain or with milk and sugar as the robustness and freshness of our teas bring out wonderful flavours.

Implementing Sustainable Packaging Changes

As part of our commitment to sustainable business practices, BOH has made eco-friendly changes to our packaging.


Published Articles

18th BOH Cameronian Arts Awards – Lights, camera, action!

Malaysia’s premier performing arts awards is back with a bang, and for the first time ever on stage at a theatre!

A look back at International Tea Day

BOH gave out free tea sachets to onlookers to commemorate International Tea Day!

Sustainability Of Our Peat Swamp Forests A Priority On International Day For Biological Diversity 2023

Planting trees in the peatlands is important to preserve our biodiversity as peatlands are an important ecosystem that support a unique and diverse range of plants, trees and wildlife species.

Brew a Cup of Sustainabili-tea

Let us all raise our glass for Sustainabili-Tea for International Tea Day!

The Beauty of Chap Goh Mei

Beautiful lanterns, rivers flowing with mandarin oranges or tangerines and the possible chance of romance, Chap Goh Mei is a beloved celebration among the Chinese community.

The Gift of Tea for Valentine’s Day

We have curated a selection of teas specially for Valentine’s Day to help you choose the perfect tea for the day.