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Most people can’t help but fall in love with Cameron Highlands. Indeed, its picturesque views, refreshing temperatures and cream-slathered scones served with tea offer a far more tantalising alternative to the chaotic bubble of nearby cities.

First discovered in 1885 by William Cameron, Cameron Highlands is one of the most fertile agricultural spots in Malaysia. Located in the state of Pahang and spanning 712 square kilometres, it is 5,000ft above sea level and boasts a cool tropical climate, with temperatures between 15°C to 24°C throughout the year. Due to its constant climate, tea bushes in Cameron Highlands are harvested throughout the year, every three to four weeks, when new shoots ‘flush’ resulting in this region having a high yield of teas with consistently high quality.

Like fine wine, the character of our tea is largely influenced by the environment in which it is grown. Hence, Cameron Highlands boasting a cool tropical climate, acidic soil, abundant rainfall and hours of sunshine, is the ideal location for growing distinctive teas of unique character. The fertile land has also led to other agricultural booms such as fruits (did someone say strawberries?), vegetables, and fresh produce.

Its colonial history is still present in the modern day, as Tudor-style country inns and cottages with flower-filled gardens add to the harmonious ambiance and delicate mystery surrounding Cameron Highlands. It makes the perfect stop on anyone’s travel circuit, especially visitors hoping to revel in the general pleasures of life over a cuppa and an epiphany of a landscape oblivious to time and trends. After all, Cameron Highlands is best enjoyed at leisure.

For more information on happenings in Cameron Highlands as well as Pahang, head on over to the Pahang Tourism website.

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