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BOH has been at the heart of communities in Malaysia for decades. As we strive to satisfy the palates of our customers with our beloved teas, it is this satisfaction, along with that of our employees that drives us forward. We actively invest in programs and initiatives, with both our public and private partners, to collaborate on specific issues supporting communities in which we serve. We support employees through a range of incentive and reward schemes, and endeavour to make BOH a wonderful and safe place to work.

BOH Cameronian Arts Awards

Aside from environmental conservation efforts, BOH is proud to be involved in nurturing the development of Malaysia’s performing arts scene as part of our commitment to the arts. We believe that sustaining this initiative is an integral part of our identity as a community, and plays an important role in nation building. Not only does it showcase expressions of local talent, creativity and identity, it also unites communities and preserves our rich cultural heritage.

In 2002, BOH and virtual arts and culture portal, introduced the country’s first ever awards ceremony for the performing arts: The BOH Cameronian Arts Awards, named after one of BOH’s flagship brands – BOH Cameronian Gold Blend. A blend for the discerning tea drinker, it is a brew considered as the art of tea perfected and supports the essence of the Awards to recognise and nurture talent in the performing arts scene. 

In its inaugural year, the awards honoured the year’s most outstanding contributions in the areas of dance, theatre, music and musical theatre. Every aspect of the performance was given due attention from the talents of the performers and their art to behind-the-scenes work such as set, lighting and sound design. The Cammies, as it is affectionately known, has grown to be recognised for its role in raising the profile of the performing arts.

Employee Initiatives

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At BOH, we take pride in cultivating a merit-based culture and employing an equality policy as part of our core values, because we believe in not only enhancing the lives and wellbeing of our consumers, but our employees as well. We actively strive to provide a safer and healthier work environment for our staff, while ensuring their livelihood and job security. Some of our employee initiatives are outlined below:

- 2008 -
Quality Of Life Fund (QLF)

An internal corporate responsibility programme called The Quality of Life (QLF) was established, aimed at improving the welfare of our estate workers and their families. The fund rewards our workers’ children for their academic excellence, upgrading facilities such as community halls, religious buildings, sport facilities and introducing a free bus service to the towns on market days. The QLF also supports projects amongst the indigenous (Orang Asli) communities in neighbouring estates.

Matching Gifts Scheme

The Matching Gifts Scheme was developed as an extended corporate responsibility programme to empower employees with the decision as to which charities the Company will support and enables them to improve people’s lives and well-being in line with the core purpose of the company/brand. BOH matches ringgit for ringgit, any donation made by an employee to a registered Malaysian charity.

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