The Tea House Times: NEWS: Sustainability Meets Tea Heritage: BOH Tea Available in the United States through Amazon

Since 1929, BOH has been a leading tea producer in Malaysia as one of the few fully-integrated tea companies in the world. BOH grows, processes, packs and markets its own brand of authentic, home-grown, Malaysian teas. Now, these quality teas are available for purchase in the United States through

BOH invests in the research and development of its harvesting process to improve yields and quality, while constantly discovering new streams of innovation. BOH has been recognized as an award-winning company, receiving many accolades for high standards in product quality, esteemed brand identity and community initiatives.

“BOH is proud to be amongst some of the finest tea specialists in the world, mastering the art of tea, from tea bush to teacup,” said Caroline Russell, Executive Chairman of BOH Tea. “We are constantly committed to producing distinctive teas that are flavorful and brisk, rich in color and body as testament to the great legacy left by our pioneering founder, J.A. Russell, for generations to come.”

The true character of BOH tea is greatly influenced by the conditions at the tea estates in Cameron Highlands, namely high altitude, low temperatures, abundant rainfall and acidic soil. For decades, Cameron Highlands has attracted visitors to its cool jungles, quaint Tudor-style houses, fresh vegetables and fragrant teas. Cameron Highlands is one of the country’s most fertile agricultural spots, possessing all the right attributes for growing outstanding tea, and is situated over 5,000 feet above sea level on the main mountain range of Malaysia.

BOH Tea creates unique tea experiences that are not only delicious, but made with sustainability in mind. Some of the most popular teas from BOH include:

  • BOH Garden Teas: The BOH Garden Teas are presented in environmentally friendly pyramid bags, which offer excellent permeability for a better infusion, giving a fuller, more satisfying brew. The see-through woven mesh filter is derived from cornstarch and can be biodegraded completely when disposed in soil. Enjoy a fuller infusion and a more enhanced drinking experience with Pyramid Bags from BOH.
  • BOH Cameronian Gold Blend Tea: Made from tender shoots of the Manipuri and Rajghur jats, two top quality varieties of tea plants originally from Assam, BOH Cameronian Gold Blend yields a light golden color bursting with a rich and evocative aroma. Only those that make the grade for color, flavor, brightness and aroma are used in the blend.
  • Seri Songket Black Teas: A tempting contrast of citrus and spice gives this aromatic and piquant blend a uniquely zesty and refreshing note. Savor it black and strong, with a sprinkle of cinnamon or over ice with ginger ale.

BOH Tea is available for purchase through and through select retail locations.

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